Boats and 
        Marine Services

1) Reservation and damage deposit required of $50.00 on our Deluxe Fisherman Boats. 

2) The
re is a $100 deposit required on the Pontoon Boats.

3) All Regular weekly boat rentals terminate on Friday night at 6:00pm.



   You'll love our facilities.   Muskie Bay has excellent safe, secure and 'well' lit
docking for your boat.  The marina area is protected by a 450 foot break wall which

also serves as a fantastic fishing pier.

  There are water and electrical outlets available as well as a gasoline pump at the docks.  Our rental boats include 16 ft. Bass type boats with 25 HP electric start motors and regular 14ft. fishing boats with 10 or 20 HP motors.  A launching ramp is available.  Marine equipment should be reserved prior to you arrival.

   Rates listed are in Canadian Dollars.  Gas and Oil are extra on all rentals.   Dock space charges do not apply if you rent our boat & motors.

Bass and Pontoon boats
 have fish finders.

Marine       Equipment Description Weekly 
Daily/Spring/Fall with Cottage Rental
14 ft.Boat Only  14 ft. Aluminum $100  $25  
Boat & Motor 10 HP Manual Start $240  $60  $50
  10 HP Electric Start $260  $65  
Deluxe  14ft Fisherman . 25 HP Electric Start
Swivel Seats, Live-well, etc.


Bass Type 14ft/16ft 25/30 HP Electric Start, Bass Seats, Console, Platform, Live-well etc. $420 $120  $100
Larger Bass Type 50 HP, Storage Comp., gauges, other features as above  $520 $150 $120
Pontoon Boat 20ft 40 HP with Power Trim, accommodates up to 8 persons.  Wheelchair accessible, etc. $650
(1/2 Day)
Dock Space  Protected Docking. $100 $20  
Speedboat  25.5 ft. 350 HP, accommodates up to 12 persons. $1400
(1/2 Day)

Reservations and damage deposit required of $50.00 on our Deluxe Fisherman and bass type boats and $100.00 on our Pontoon Boat.  All regular weekly Boat rentals terminate on Friday night at 6:00pm.  Gas and Oil extra on all rentals.

   Guests do not have to have Operator Card to rent a boat, we have a Boat Safety Checklist here that we will go over with them, and they keep copy on boat, that is all that is necessary!   * US guests bringing their own boat follow the rules of their home state.

Please read our Resort Policies Page


Speedboat 25.5ft. 350 HP, accommodates up to 12 persons.